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Rapid Antigen Tests Available at the Health Department - Bangs Community Center

  • These Rapid Antigen tests will be distributed from the Bangs Community Center at 70 Boltwood Walk from 10:00 AM –2:00 PM, Monday through Friday and will end when the supply is depleted.

Community Testing Program Has Ended

The Baker-Polito Administration and Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has announced the downsizing of the Stop-the-Spread Testing program to 11 sites, effective April 1, 2022. The testing site in the Town of Amherst, hosted by the University of Massachusetts, will discontinue operation as a Stop-the-Spread site on March 31st. The UMass Amherst testing center, based in the Campus Center, will continue to serve students, faculty and staff and members of their households, as well as university-sponsored visitors.

Two Stop the Spread sites remain in Western Massachusetts, both in Springfield, that will continue to offer PCR testing, free to any Massachusetts resident, with no insurance or ID necessary. There are other PCR testing sites available for our community, follow the DPH link to find a COVID-19 Testing Location near you.

The Stop-the-Spread testing program in Amherst, known as the Community Testing Program, will end operations on March 31st. This includes the Bangs Community Center pick-up and drop-off site as well as the Jones Library pick-up site.

The last day for community members to pick up a PCR test kit from UMass, Bangs Community Center, or the Jones Library will be March 30th and the last collection from the Bangs Center Drop off box will be March 31st at 9:00 AM. We encourage you to use any remaining test kits that you have before this date. See below section for community testing instructions.

Since the UMass Amherst Stop the Spread location opened in December 2021, more than 95,000 tests were performed for community members. We want to thank the University, all the student employees, staff, supporters and community members who participated in the Stop the Spread program and the Baker-Polito administration for funding this vital service.

Rapid Antigen Testing:

  • The State is sending the Town an allocation of 6,120 tests (3,060 kits) for a ‘month’s bridge’. These Rapid Antigen tests will be distributed from the Bangs Community Center at 70 Boltwood Walk from 10:00 AM –2:00 PM, Monday through Friday, starting on April 1st and will end when the supply is depleted.

  • This Rapid Antigen test distribution differs from the previous tests distribution in December that emphasized individuals and families facing financial hardship. This will be a hybrid model that will include walk-in pick up at the Bangs Community Center and providing supplies directly to our partners who work with vulnerable populations such as; Amherst Survival Center, Craig’s Doors, businesses, and restaurant workers. The Amherst Regional Public-School System will continue with their Rapid Antigen testing as they have outlined.

Other Testing Resources

  • Request your 1st or 2nd round of free at-home tests from the Federal program at www.covidtests.gov

  • A listing of other testing resources can also be found here

  • Insurance reimbursement information for at-home tests can be found here or by contacting your insurance plan directly.

  • Access the Massachusetts COVID-19 testing information here

  • Have you received a positive result from a test? Click here to find out what you should do next.